World Regulatory Briefing Eastern Europe to showcase expert opinions

17 November 2015

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Attendees from across the gaming ecosystem can find out all the latest news about developments in some of the continent’s major emerging markets at the World Regulatory Briefing Eastern Europe in two weeks.

The event takes place in Bucharest, Romania on Wednesday, Dec. 2, with a number of the top 50 operators present.

Keynote speakers will explain the latest developments in jurisdictions such as Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland and Romania, while Angel Iribozov, chairman of the Bulgarian Gaming Association (BTAMOGI) trade group, will also give attendees an update on the key issues in his home country.

“I believe attendees will get a good update of the developments in the industry and the regulation in Bulgaria which, as a market, might not be big enough, but as a tax environment has a good proposition,” said Iribozov, whose session is entitled "Implementing the Bulgarian tax legislation to your business."

“There is always need for exchange of information on the regulatory solutions and practices in different jurisdiction as this helps to develop the local regulatory base as well.

“Some regulatory practices in certain jurisdictions have so far proved inefficient, especially in online regulation. There are always plenty of challenges and hopefully some of these will be touched upon during the panel.”

Iribozov is set to present a balanced view of his nation’s progress, with fresh figures from his organization’s latest annual survey. He notes that the number of gaming venues and machines has increased over the past 12 months, but not every operator is prospering.

He added: “When asked how they define current trends in the gaming industry based on results of their businesses over the past 12 months, most of the respondents claimed to have seen an increase in revenue, although 18% of respondents reported a significant decline.

He will also outline Bulgaria’s strategy in relation to problem gambling, adding, “The responsible gambling regulations were also finally passed this year and they will give new impetus to responsible gambling behavior of the stakeholders.”

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