Asian I-Gaming Congress & Expo (AiG) 2008

Event Type:Conference
When:26-29 February 2008
Event Organizer:

AiG is the premier i-gaming conference and expo in Asia. The Asian i-gaming industry continues to grow at an exponential rate with more companies setting up operations there. This conference is perfectly placed for all parties interested in the region. The conference program will have something for everyone, whether you are already established in Asia or view the region as the next opportunity for your company, you will find the event gives you the information you need for your business to succeed.

Asian I-Gaming Congress & Expo (AiG) 2008 News
AiG Recap: Future for I-gaming in Asia Still in Question
5 Mar 2008
Back in February 2007 the I-gaming industry was still looking for a new direction after the closure of the US market. At that stage Asia was already being mentioned in some quarters as the region to replace the lost revenues. Twelve months later, the fact that the 2008 Asian I-gaming Congress boasted the highest attendance in its six-year history (with more than half of delegates coming from outside of Asia) served to confirm the industry's determination to explore the opportunities in this market. read more »

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