ASROC Cryptocurrency Conference for Casino, Forex, Sportsbook & Affiliates

Event Type:Conference
When:9 October 2017
Where:Strand Palace Hotel
London, England
Audience:Online Gaming, Affiliate
Event Organizer:Ticonderoga Ventures, Inc.

ASROC is a bitcoin convention and event designed to discusses alternative payment mechanisms for the forex, sportsbook, online gaming, casino and affiliate markets. This is a fast-moving and advanced event that does not explain the basics of blockchain technology. It explores the implications of crypto currencies, investment, ICOs, mass adoption, international compliance, implementation, the latest updates and innovations and current trading strategy. The next conference will be at the Strand Palace Hotel in London and is scheduled for October 9, 2017. The trade show is attended by anyone with vested interest in virtual currency, bitcoin, gaming executives and savvy online marketers.