Betting Trends Forum 2016

Event Type:Conference
When:17 March 2016
Where:Moscow, Russian Federation
Audience:Land Based Gaming, Online Gaming
Event Organizer:Smile-Expo LLC

Smile-Expo group of companies is happy to invite betting business representatives and Russian Federation authorities to discuss one of the most relevant trends in the world of gambling – online bets – called “interactive bets” from the Russian legislative point of view. Currently it faces weak legislative regulation.

It’s widely known that the President charged a task for Russian government to examine the possibility of raising sports revenue from betting and tote. Today, the practical implementation of this task is not completed, but the potential of this topic creates a huge interest for bookmakers.

Basis for discussions:

  • Last summer, Federal Law № 244-0З (On the organization and conduct of gambling) has been amended with a term “interactive bet”, as well as norms defying the provision of such service. However, the RF Government Regulation specifying and amending the law norms has been accepted only in May 2015, leaving many questions unanswered, which prevents from launching the center of interactive bets transactions tracking. No necessary changes have also been made to the Tax Code of Russian Federation;
  • a new bill has been introduced this summer aimed at the significant increase of the advertising capabilities of betting related to sports events. Discussions and approval process is not complete;
  • the fall of 2015 marked the new initiative from the Ministry of Sports of Russian Federation concerning the possibility to accept online bets by subjects with rights for TV broadcasting of football games.

The final result of implementation of these initiatives will define the industry and the most profitable way of providing services in the form of online bets.

Obviously, this topic deserves discussions at the separate event, thus Smile-Expo invites all betting operators and authorities of Russian Federation to participate in the forum.