Brasilian Gaming Congress (BgC) 2019 Exhibitors and Sponsors

Brasilian Gaming Congress (BgC) 2019

Event Type:Conference
When:23-25 June 2019
Where:Tivoli Mofarrej
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Audience:Land Based Gaming, Online Gaming

Since the first edition in 2013, BgC has played a fundamental role in gathering key operators, investors and legislators to explore the potential of the Brazilian gaming market and how best to prepare once it becomes regulated. Strengthening roots and cultivating businesses With the theme, ‘Strengthening Roots’, the focus of BgC 2018 was to bring key people together in one place to meet and build the important foundations and relationships needed, to enter this new potential market. BgC 2018 also went beyond the approval of the law itself and discuss the challenges Brazil might face in creating a stable marketplace that is attractive for long term investment as well as how expectations can be met in terms of boosting the economy.

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