Bullet Business Free Webinar: Gambling Law Intelligence for Expansion in European Markets

Event Type:Webinar
When:20 October 2011 03:00 PM-04.00 PM
Where:London, England
Audience:Legal and Regulatory

Join the leading industry lawyers and get the latest information on European jurisdictions.

Get unique country-by-country analysis of the latest developments in liquidity, tax, licensing, product offerings and responsible gaming for established and emerging markets.

• Discover whether there is room for new entrants into the Italian market place and discuss what, if anything, is left to be yet legalised and regulated

• Discover how the French government are responding to operators’ demands for a more friendly tax regime

• Determine how the Spanish market is fairing as it implements online gaming and what your business should be preparing for

• Explore the issues of taxation and the discussions around harmonizing tax rates across Europe

• Understand how Germany’s other 15 Federal States have reacted to the Shleswig-Holstein legislative initiative and what the future holds for the online industry

Throughout the session, industry lawyers will be on hand to answer your questions and give you the information you need when preparing for market entry:

- Santiago Asensi, Partner, Asensi Abogados, Spain

- Dr. Wulf Hambach, Partner, Hambach & Hambach Law Firm, Germany

- Justin Franssen, Partner, Van Mens & Wisselink N.V.

- Thibault Verbiest, Partner, ULYS Law Firm, France & Belgium

- Quirino Mancini, Partner, Sinisi Ceschini Mancini & Partners, Italy

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