CAP Webinar: Google Panda SEO

Event Type:Webinar
When:7 July 2011
Where:Online - Pacific Standard Time

In February 2011, Google launched a substantial algorithm change that targeted low-quality websites, pushing them down further in the search engine rankings.

As Google continues to tweak its algorithm, casino affiliate marketers who want their sites to remain competitive are trying to understand how to respond to these changes. recently hosted a webinar with James Lowery of the Latitude Group, a digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), conversion analytics, social media, online display advertising and affiliate marketing.

The webinar, titled “The Google Panda Update: Advice, Solutions and What’s Next,” discussed why it was necessary for Google to make these changes to its algorithm. In addition, it contained practical advice for affiliates to help them ensure the search engine ranking of their sites.

Key points discussed in the webinar include:

  • Why Google Panda was necessary,
  • How it impacts casino affiliate marketers,
  • Steps you can follow to regain your ranking, and
  • How to future-proof your gaming affiliate strategy.