CAP Webinar: How Affiliates Can Succeed in the Spanish iGaming Market

Event Type:Webinar
When:19 October 2011
Where:Online - Pacific Standard Time
Event Organizer:

Did you know that the Spanish-speaking sector is one of the most lucrative—and untapped—markets in the online gaming industry? Yabadoo! founder Judd Muir does and he’s shared his insight, tips and tricks to understanding and leveraging this market in our most recent webinar, “How Affiliates can Succeed in the Spanish iGaming Market.”

If you’re an affiliate interested in learning more about ways to benefit from the growing strength of this market, then this webinar recording is for you! Judd, who has over six years experience as an affiliate in Spanish iGaming, covers:

  • What and where the market encompasses
  • Growth predictions
  • Legislative changes
  • The importance of Spanish content
  • The most lucrative opportunities for affiliates!
  • And highly targeted questions from our affiliate audience in an extended Q&A session with Judd answering real questions by real affiliate marketers.