CAP Webinar: Legal Experts Discuss Black Friday

Event Type:Webinar
When:28 April 2011
Where:Online - Pacific Standard Time
Event Organizer:

Many of the casino affiliate marketers impacted by the events of what’s now known as “Black Friday,” when the U.S. Department of Justice seized the domains of three popular online poker sites on April 15, 2011, are still reeling.

They’re working hard to adjust their business models and understand what they can do to protect themselves in a legally unclear situation. And they’re often struggling to find helpful legal advice.

In order to help affiliates make sense of these events, recently hosted a live webinar with two of the gambling industry’s leading legal experts, I. Nelson Rose and Lawrence Walters. The title of this webinar was: “What the Poker Domain Seizures Mean to Affiliates.”

Professor Rose and Mr. Walters analyzed the current state of online gaming in the United States and discussed how affiliate marketers can navigate through this challenging time.

They also provided casino affiliate marketers with advice on how affiliates can set up their business in a way that legally protects them from the threat of the unknown — further prosecutions from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Key points discussed in the webinar include:

  • The three waves of legal gambling in the United States,
  • How the Black Friday cases might be prosecuted,
  • Why these cases might be bad news for the prohibition of iGaming,
  • The legal risks for operators and affiliates,
  • How to work with offshore casinos and poker rooms,
  • The future of your casino affiliate marketing business,
  • Where the most imminent threat of future prosecution lies, and
  • What kinds of affiliate relationships are most likely to protect affiliates.