Casino Affiliate Convention (CAC) Montreal 2007 News

Highlights from CAC Montreal, 2007: I am a groupie
11 Sep 2007
I am a CAC groupie. According to Marc Lesnik, that is. I have been to many online gaming conferences in my time and so far I have managed to hit all of Lesnik's shows, big or small. Unfortunately CAC Montreal was rather poorly attended, although we all knew this was going to happen due to location and timing.
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How to do Tel Aviv, Montreal and Washington DC in 2.5 Weeks
14 Aug 2007
Yes, yes I know. Here we go again. This time I'm really in for a treat...1.5 weeks in Tel Aviv, straight to CAC Montreal, and finally, off to Washington DC for a wedding. This isn't just any wedding, mind you...I am responsible for this marriage and agreed to prepare a nice little speech for the rehearsal dinner. Problem is, by that point, I won't have a voice, liver, thought process or functioning brain, for that matter. The bride called me yesterday and told me the wedding weekend is going to be an "ongoing booze filled party". Fantastic. Just what I wanted to hear. In the meantime, for a taste of what I'm about to go through before this wedding, please enjoy several highlights below.
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