Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP) Spring Break 2008 News

Cyprus and Monaco adventures: Part 1
4 Jun 2008
So here we go again...I am back from Cyprus and Monaco, and what a wild ride it was. This week I will provide you with the usual online gaming conference aftermath and juicy tidbits of information for your reading pleasure. Next week I will review my experiences in Monaco with the team, Timo and Aleksi the ice throwing Fins, crazy Karim and Achmet.
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Off to Cyprus...with the latest GPWA Times magazine
13 May 2008
So...we are not bringing any brand new and delightfully uninformed females to Cyprus. Only me. Sorry boys! When arriving in Cyprus, I will also be accompanied by numerous boxes of GPWA Times magazines- hand carried on the plane of course- to be distributed at the Poker Conference for your reading pleasure.
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Online Gaming Conferences 101: A manual for new (female) employees
6 May 2008
During my brief Casino City hiatus, something very exciting happened. We hired someone to join the Online Casino City/GPWA team and she starts three days before The Poker Conference and CAP Spring in Cyprus...Considering I only have three days to spend with this lovely lady before our departure, I have taken it upon myself to create a conference manual for her, complete with pointers, warnings, pictures and names.
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Webroute Services sponsoring Arabian Nights Beach Party
23 Apr 2008
This year’s Arabian Nights Beach Party on the first night of CAP Spring Break promises to be an affair to remember.
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Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott keynote at poker conference
2 Apr 2008
Poker legend and wit Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott has been invited to give the keynote speech at the Poker Conference and Expo and Casino Affiliate Program Spring Break conference.
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CAP hosts Spring Break BBQ
27 Mar 2008
In true CAP SpringBreak style the first sponsored event announced by the organizers is a fantastic beach barbeque taking place on the first full day of the event straight after the final table of the ASOP.
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CAP Spring Break goes to Cyprus
12 Mar 2008
After 5 successful years, CAP Spring Break, the biggest four-day affiliate party in the industry is on tour and crossing the Atlantic to the luxurious island of Cyprus.
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