Disrupting Online Gambling – Technology, Security and Regulation 2018

Event Type:Conference
When:23-24 May 2018
Where:London, England
Audience:Online Gaming, Legal and Regulatory

Arena International is excited to launch its event Disrupting Online Gambling – Technology, Security and Regulation, which will be taking place in London on the 23rd-24th May. This conference will bring together gambling operators from across Europe to debate how best to manage risk and security in order to operate efficiently and deliver stream-lined customer services.

Hot topics will include regulations around payments, advertising and customer on-boarding. Vendors will provide services to ensure online gaming operators comply with the law but will also offer cyber security and payments technology.

This is a strategic event targeted at those who have commercial, technology and regulatory responsibility. The key outcome will be for operators to have the tools to meet regulatory requirements whilst delivering the best customer service in order to win greater market share.

The focus will be on the future and disruptive technologies to revolutionise operational efficiency, this won’t be a meeting re-hashing old debates over gambling regulation but will offer a new take on how operators can responsibly and innovatively deliver services using the very latest digital tools.

We will be hosting this event in London as a result of UK being the largest regulated online gambling market in the world and how 2018 promises to be a bumper year for regulatory change within the industry. As such, this event is perfectly situated to ensure that operators are compliant while remaining competitive in the industry.