EL/WLA Marketing Event 2022: Back to the Future!

Event Type:Conference
When:3-4 February 2022
Where:London, England
Event Organizer:The European Lotteries Association

The 2022 edition of the EL/WLA Marketing Event will mark a special occasion. Celebrating the last 20 years of this iconic event, we will reflect on the opportunities that lie ahead of us and marketing trends that will shape the lottery sector going forward.

Together with lottery professionals and experts from different national markets around the world, the Marketing Event will take stock of topics that have remained relevant for the past 20 years and explore the new marketing themes that will shape the future of our lotteries.

Themes cover TV game shows and live draws, omni channel, advertising, sustainability, artificial intelligence (AI), and innovation. A CEO panel discussion will look at marketing lessons learnt from the pandemic as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Let’s go back to the future!