Ethical Gambling Forum 2024

Ethical Gambling Forum 2024

Event Type:Conference
When:7-8 May 2024
Where:Sunborn Yacht Hotel
Audience:Land Based Gaming, Legal and Regulatory, Online Gaming, Responsible Gaming
Event Organizer:

With the arrival of more reporting conditions for Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) and tighter regulations in the global gaming industry, now is the time to ensure that your organization is meeting all requirements as well as responding in a timely and appropriate way. From 2024 a new ESG reporting framework will be in place for many companies; allied to this is the need to evaluate data obtained from safer gambling interactions. Find out from a range of experts why you shouldn’t be taking a gamble when ESG and player protection are concerned.

The EGF brings together regulators, operators, financial crime investigators, law enforcement, responsible gaming charities and suppliers into one forum, guided by educators, and provides opportunities for facilitated networking, collaboration and sharing of ideas and challenges faced by the industry.

One of the unique focuses of the EGF is the target audience. We feel it is important to involve those on the ground, rather than just the commercial teams and C-suite. It is the safer gambling teams and the fraud prevention teams that are actually dealing with the customers primarily and have a true understanding of the issues and challenges faced by gambling addicts and their families, fraudsters and money launderers and can talk about these topics directly with the regulators and financial intelligence units to find workable ways forward.

All too often regulators set policy with limited guidance and sometimes a lack of understanding about the challenges faced by operators to implement the requirements. The EGF wants to move away from regulation being seen as a “tick box” requirement to a holistic approach where operators’ values are clearly linked to social responsibility and regulations are balanced with business needs. The gambling industry needs to do better and the EGF helps facilitate this process.