European Lotteries Social Media Forum 2012

Event Type:Seminar
When:22 May 2012 09:00 AM-05.00 PM
Where:INNSIDE Munich Parkstadt Schwabing
Mies-van-der-Rohe Straße 10
Munich, Germany 80807
Event Organizer:The European Lotteries Association

So, you have set up your Lottery on Facebook and Twitter and you
have proudly started to display the icons on your website and
other corporate communications with the media and the public.

  • What do you do next?
  • What should your plan for the use of social media look like?
  • Which elements are important and which actions are a waste
    of time?
  • How do you know what will work and what won’t work?

Are these media tools here to stay or are they destined to follow
the fortunes of MySpace? How much money, time, and effort
should you invest in developing them now?

The Social Media Forum will provide those attending the
opportunity to hear a market-leading presentation from an
external speaker, as well as the opportunity to exchange real
experiences with colleague EL State Lottery professionals who
have already been successfully developing the use of Social Media
for a number of years.

The format is an intensive one-day workshop which should be
attended by Lottery professionals in Public Relations, Advertising,
Marketing, Sales, Corporate Communication and Customer
Dialogue and Insights.