Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA) Cocktail Party Macau 2007 News

Highlights from CAC Macau and Farewell Casino City!
4 Dec 2007
I am back from Macau, and the rumors are true- I am leaving Casino City and joining Everest Affiliates on Wednesday, December 5th as the Property (brand) Marketing Manager. Yes, I will still be in Boston, yes, I will still be attending online gaming conferences, and yes, I will continue to write for your reading pleasure and enjoyment.
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CAC Macau: Hail to the Boat Chief!
30 Oct 2007
Things are going well here in Boston...the Red Sox won the World Series, I have my own URL, I am sneaking off to London for a long weekend on the 9th, and I am booked for Macau. Ni hao. If you are undecided about Macau even after the lure of the cocktail party, I am here to help you pull the trigger.
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