Gamers United 2019 - Stockholm AI Forum

Gamers United 2019 - Stockholm AI Forum

Event Type:Conference
When:11 April 2019
Where:Stockholm International Fairs
Stockholm, Sweden
Audience:Online Gaming, Affiliate

The purpose of this forum is to shed light on the power of Artificial Intelligence, as well as Virtual and Augmented Reality from a business perspective.

Industry giants are seeking newer and more innovative ways to attract more customers and expand their brands by accelerating business transformation with the help of technology.

Only a handful of people realize the true potential of these new and promising technologies which are still in their infancy.

Our vision for the forum is to become one of the worlds meeting points for those interested in Virtual Realities and how to implement AI & Machine Learning in real-world projects.

This is the foremost mission of the Gamers United AI Forum!

- Goran G Kandic, Chief Organizer

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