Global Gambling Payments Intensive 2012

Event Type:Conference
When:17 May 2012
Where:London, England
Audience:Online Gaming, Legal and Regulatory
Event Organizer:Cecile Park Conferences

The 5th edition of Global Gambling Payments Intensive 2012 will provide professionals working in gambling payments with comprehensive and global coverage of issues affecting the gambling payments industry on business, regulatory and financial levels. This summit will address the challenges authorities face when attempting to regulate them. Bringing together industry experts from leading organisations, this is the leading forum to discuss issues such as cross-border payments, licensing opportunities, the UIEGA in the US, the payments ban in Norway, the strict limitations imposed on financial firms in Israel, the anticipated opening of the markets in Germany and India, payment issues surrounding mobile gaming, and the proposed new legislative regime for offshore operators in the UK. Such current and relevant issues surrounding gambling payments will be placed in context in a worldwide legal landscape.

Issues to be discussed include:

  • The current state of play in a number of markets: How do some of the main gambling jurisdictions in the world tackle the issue of payments, such as the US, UK, Spain, Germany, Poland, Israel, Norway and India.
  • Cross-border payments issues Payments are international by nature - what happens when the gambling operator, the gambling activity and related payments are located in different jurisdictions and payments become international transactions?
  • Compliance issues: How operators and payment processors manage and prevent fraud, cybercrime and money laundering;
  • New forms of gambling and online gaming: Changing the way payments are processed