Global Gamification of Online Gaming 2012

Event Type:Seminar
When:1 October 2012 02:30 PM-05.30 PM
Where:Convention Centre Dublin (CCD)
Dublin, Ireland
Audience:Online Gaming
Event Organizer:

Gamification, and online gambling, are among the booming global phenomena of the past decade. Given the highly polarized reactions to gambling across different jurisdictions, yet the boost it can provide to governmental coffers in these trying economic times, few are surprised that online gambling has generated both political controversy and a plethora of cross-border regulatory and legal issues. This session initially explores these critical issues through the eyes of major online gambling companies. The second segment will be interactive and include a debate between an online gaming hacker and a representative of a gaming /gambling company. Hot topics to be discussed will include both the commercial and legal implications of: - Recent trends in online gambling - products, channels and geography - Laws, enforcement and operators' duty - Regulation internationally - the past and the future - Is harmonization of online gambling laws feasible in the EU? - Cross-border payments issues - Compliance issues and cybersecurity - Management of players' accounts and fraud - Privacy expectations and regulation in a digital existence - "Pathological" gambling and public policy issues. Speakers