Global Gaming Expo - Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2012

Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2012

Event Type:Tradeshow
Event Organizer:American Gaming Association (AGA)
When:2-4 October 2012
Where: Las Vegas Sands Expo & Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
Audience:Land Based Gaming, Online Gaming

G2E is the world's largest and premier gaming event where gaming executives, buyers, and industry professionals meet each fall in Las Vegas to conduct serious business. It's the most in-depth source of new products, networking, ideas and information on the planet. It takes place in the laboratory for the industry, Las Vegas, where you can see it in action and have fun doing it. If you are currently doing business in or want to begin doing business in the casino-entertainment industry, you can't afford to miss being a part of the industry’s number one event. G2E showcases 600+ exhibitors, 100+ conference sessions, exciting special events and F&B at G2E, the only F&B event for the gaming industry.

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Cash/Chips/Money/Cards > ATM & Credit Cards Exhibitors

 1. ASAI Booth 3731
 2. CardLogix Booth 3850
 3. CasinoMoney Booth 3136
 4. DiTRONICS Financial Services Booth 4024
 5. First American Bankcard Inc Booth 3421
 6. GCA Booth 3854
 7. International Gaming Support of America. LLC Booth 3761
 8. Money Centers of America Booth 1234
 9. Multi-Choice Cash (MCC) / ATM Merchant Systems (ATMMS) Booth 2036
 10. NRT Technology Corp Booth 3865
 11. Sightline Payments Booth 2227
 12. U.S. Bank Gaming Services Booth 4854
 13. Veridocs Booth 2814