Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo (GIGSE) 2007

Event Type:Tradeshow
When:5-7 June 2007
Where:Palais de Congres
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Audience:Online Gaming
Event Organizer:Clarion Events Ltd

GIGSE, a leading industry event, features three days of networking, new product launches and top-tier Conference sessions focused on the iGaming industry.

Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo (GIGSE) 2007 News
Rebecca's Recommendations: GIGSE - June 15, 2007
13 Jun 2007
It is amazing what can happen in two years. I attended my first GIGSE in May, 2005 and knew absolutely no one, attended May, 2006 and knew absolutely everyone, attended June, 2007 and no one was there. Imagine that. Lucky for me, this year I was able to nail down a solid group of about 20 people who were up for some nice meals and some big nights out. Honestly, I think that our nights were wilder than ever before just so we could prove a point. No sponsored parties? Fine. We'll have more fun on our own. Thanks to Jodie from, I experienced one of the wildest nights of my life (well, maybe not as wild as my CAP Spring Break experiences...) read more »

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