GovRisk: Tackling Money Laundering in the Football Sector

Event Type:Seminar
When:23-25 September 2015
Where:Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Audience:Legal and Regulatory
Event Organizer:

The considerable growth and commercialisation of the football industry during the past two decades, combined with a number of specific factors, has made the sector increasingly attractive for criminals to launder proceeds of crime or evade taxation. The mechanisms used are complex and dynamic and all key industry stakeholders must develop the skills, knowledge and practical expertise necessary to cope with the associated risks.

The International Governance and Risk Institute (GovRisk) is proud to present the first ever regional capacity-building programme on this subject. ‘Tackling Money Laundering in the Football Sector: Regional Forum for the Americas and the Caribbean’, will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil between the 23-25 September 2015.