ICE Totally Gaming 2018

ICE Totally Gaming 2018

Event Type:Tradeshow
When:6-8 February 2018
Where:ExCel London
One Western Gateway
Royal Victoria Dock
London, England E16 1XL
Audience:Online Gaming, Land Based Gaming
Event Organizer:Clarion Gaming

Showcasing compelling innovation and expertise, ICE Totally Gaming is proud to be the largest and most comprehensive b2b gaming exhibition in the world. Bringing together international operators and suppliers from the betting, bingo, casino, lottery, mobile, online, social and street gaming sectors over three days, ICE Totally Gaming offers unrivalled opportunities to visitors and exhibitors alike.

Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing
View ICE London exhibitors by products and services offered

Exhibitors and Sponsors
1. 1X2 Network   Booth South Gallery 17
2. 1xbet   Booth S8-166
3. 3Bet Gaming Ltd Booth N1-122
4. 3et Sportsbook   Booth S1-234
5. 4 Leaf Lotto   Booth N6-100
6. 4Cash Booth N9-522
7. A and K Display Co. Ltd   Booth S5-204
8. A Bet A Technology   Booth S1-310
9. Abbiati Casino Equipment S.n.c   Booth S6-230
10. Acapture Booth N9-124
11. Access-IS   Booth S9-330
12. ACPI   Booth N1-115
14. Advanced Micro Devices   Booth N1-232 and NG6
15. Advansys d.o.o   Booth S6-240
16. Advantech-Innocore   Booth N1-238
17. Adyen   Booth N9-340
18. Affinity Management Services Limited   Booth N6-220
19. AGEM   Booth N1-348
20. Alberici S.p.a   Booth N2-120
21. Alderney EGambling   Booth N7-310
22. Alfastreet   Booth S6-130
23. All In Translations Ltd Booth N7-412
24. All-in Diversity Project   Booth SD6-A
25. ALLBET   Booth N8-450
26. Alphadisplay   Booth N3-100
27. Altenar   Booth S2-245
28. Amatic Industries GmbH   Booth S4-240
29. Amazing Gaming   Booth N1-530
30. Amelco   Booth S6-242
31. Andromeda | HooYu   Booth N9-558
32. APEX pro gaming a.s.   Booth S4-250
33. APOLLO GAMES   Booth N6-160
34. AR Management   Booth N1-310
35. Aristocrat Booth S3-250
36. Arland Trading   Booth S9-155
37. ARQ Advisory Ltd   Booth N7-415
38. Arrow International   Booth BP3
39. Aruze Gaming Africa (PTY) Ltd   Booth S3-205
40. Asia Gaming Brief   Booth SD6-B
41. Asia Live Tech   Booth N1-240
42. AsianLogic   Booth SG4 and SG5
43. ASK Global eCash Solutions   Booth S9-110
44. Aspire Global   Booth N7-318
45. ASROCK   Booth S9-338
46. AstroPay Booth N9-150
47. Astrosystems Ltd Booth N3-200
48. Atrient Booth S9-111
49. Authentic Gaming   Booth N8-250
50. Automat Booth SD8-D
51. Axiomtek Co., Ltd.   Booth S6-202
52. BALLY WULFF Games & Entertainment GmbH Booth N4-260
53. Bambora Booth N9-435
54. Barclaycard   Booth N9-246
55. Baum   Booth N4-230
56. BBIN   Booth N7-350
57. Bee-Fee Limited   Booth S8-150
58. Beehive Booth N6-234
59. BELGIUM at its best/ ELAUT/ERRON/TRUE ODDS/ KATE Totally Belgium   Booth S9-145 and S9-245
60. BERKOTECH   Booth S8-340
61. Best Gold Bet Limited   Booth N9-560
62. Bestech Corporation   Booth S8-259
63. Bet Invest LTD   Booth S8-121
64. Betadvanced   Booth S1-260
65. Betcart Ltd Booth South Gallery Room 14
66. Betconstruct   Booth S1-350
67. Betdaq   Booth S10 Lower
68. BetGames.TV   Booth S1-102 and S1-200
69. Betgenius Booth S2-340
70. Betomall   Booth S1-330
71. Betradar   Booth S1-150
72. Betsoft Gaming Ltd   Booth S3-312
73. Betstudios ltd.   Booth S2-353
74. BetTech Gaming   Booth S1-214
75. Betting   Booth S1-202
76. BHS Boehm GmbH & Co. KG   Booth S8-145
77. Bingo Life   Booth ND6-A and ND6-B
78. Bingo Pavilion   Booth BP1,BP2,BP3,BP4, andBP5
79. Bit8 Ltd Booth N7-320
80. BitXatm   Booth N1-422
81. Biztech Software   Booth S9-253
82. BMIT Ltd Booth N7-425
83. BMM Testlabs Booth N3-420
84. Bohm d.o.o.   Booth S8-236
85. Bonkers.Io Booth N7-353
86. Booming Games   Booth N3-336
87. Boss Gaming Studio   Booth S8-330
88. Boston Multi Family Office Booth N6-220
89. Btobet   Booth S1-320
90. Callcredit Booth N8-220
91. Cammegh Ltd   Booth S7-120
92. CaptainUp Booth NG8L
93. Card & Payment Jobs   Booth SD9-A
94. CardPay   Booth N8-253
95. Cash Support   Booth N3-422
96. CashBet   Booth N1-425
97. Casino & Gaming International   Booth SD9-B
98. Casino City Press   Booth ND3-C
99. Casino Flex Systems International Ltd.   Booth S5-102
100. Casino International   Booth SD5-A
101. Casino International Americano   Booth SD5-B
102. Casino Journal Booth SD8-B
103. Casino Life   Booth ND6-C and ND6-D
104. Casino Locking Systems Booth S5-100
105. Casino Technology   Booth N5-140
106. Casino-Facts.De Booth ND8-B
107. CasinoCoin Foundation   Booth N6-220
108. Cavendish Trust Company   Booth N6-220
109. CBCX Betting Systems   Booth S1-224
110. CDS COM   Booth S8-332
111. Certus Technologies Booth SG20
112. Chetu Inc Booth N4-200
113. Clear Poker Booth N7-352
114. Cloudflare Booth N1-211
115. ClusterTech International D.O.O.   Booth N4-100
116. CMS Gaming Booth S4-130
117. CMS Group LLC   Booth S7-350
118. CoinPoint   Booth SD9-C
119. Colossusbets Limited Booth S1-312
120. Comtrade d.o.o,   Booth N4-340
121. Connective Games   Booth N1-324
122. Contex Corporation   Booth S3-204
123. Continent 8 Technologies Plc   Booth N3-110
124. Copag
125. COR NET d.o.o.   Booth S8-345
126. CountR GmbH
127. CQ9 Gaming   Booth S9-331
128. Crane Payment Innovations   Booth N3-320
129. Cryptopay
130. Crystal Display Systems Limited
131. CSB Group   Booth N7-430
132. CTC Holdings   Booth S8-129
133. Cubeia Sweden AB   Booth N7-202
134. Cubits Booth N3-336
135. Custom SPA   Booth S3-310
136. Cybergaming Consultants Ltd Booth N6-334
137. Dal Negro SpA   Booth S6-204
138. Dallmeier   Booth S9-152
139. DataSprint
140. DECART   Booth S7-110
141. Decta   Booth N9-430
142. Degree 53   Booth S3-202
143. Delasport
144. Digicode Ltd   Booth N1-255
145. Digitain   Booth S1-344 and SG3
146. DigitalRG Silverfish
147. DIPSOFT DOO   Booth S2-330
148. Distil Networks   Booth S9-355
149. DLV
150. Domicilium (IOM) Ltd   Booth N6-220
151. DRGT Europe   Booth N2-240
152. Dynamic Messaging   Booth N9-543
153. e-gaming s.r.o.   Booth N6-330
154. e-Management N.V
155. E2C   Booth N1-322
156. Eagle Game Tech
157. Easy Payment Gateway   Booth N9-240
158. Ecommpay   Booth N9-110
159. ecoPayz Booth N9-135
160. Edward Thompson
161. EFCO   Booth N1-210
162. EGR   Booth ND2-D
163. ELAS   Booth S8-245
164. Elbet d.o.o.   Booth S1-115
165. Electrocoin Sales Ltd
166. ELK Studios   Booth N6-344
167. EMD Malta   Booth N7-210
168. eMerchantPay Ltd   Booth N9-245
169. EML Payments   Booth N9-332
170. Emmegierre   Booth S7-330
171. Emoore N.V.   Booth N1-244
172. EMPCORP Booth N9-524
173. Endorphina   Booth N6-230
174. ENTERCASH Booth N9-320
175. eQube Gaming   Booth N1-150
176. Erron   Booth S9-145 and S9-245
177. Euro Games Technology Ltd   Booth S4-330 and S4-350
178. Euroblock Booth S9-134
179. Eurocoin Limited   Booth N2-322
180. European Casino Association   Booth N1-143
181. EvenBet   Booth S3-200
182. Everi   Booth N9-546
183. EveryMatrix   Booth N6-310
184. EveryPay Booth N9-418
185. Evolution Gaming Ltd   Booth N2-230
186. Evona Electronic spol. s..r.o   Booth S1-322
187. Evoplay   Booth S6-108
188. ExeFeed   Booth S1-210
189. Ezugi   Booth N7-315
190. FADJA   Booth ND2-C
191. Fantalooks Co Ltd   Booth N4-120
192. FBM SARL   Booth S7-320
193. FDJ Gaming Solutions   Booth S1-212
194. Featurespace
195. FinanceWide   Booth N9-157
196. Fincore   Booth S3-100
197. Finnplay Technologies Oy   Booth N4-321
198. First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation   Booth N7-110
199. Flexepin   Booth N9-312
200. Flomar 2   Booth S9-341
201. Focus Gaming News   Booth SD7-D
202. Footballtrade S.r.l. Booth S7-302
203. Fournier Playing Cards   Booth S6-244
204. FSB   Booth S1-342
205. Full Color Games, Inc   Booth N1-560
206. FunFair Technologies Booth N7-212
207. G-Digital Booth S8-335
208. G2E   Booth S9-307
209. G3   Booth SD1-C and SD1-D
210. Galaxy Gaming   Booth S7-328
211. Gamanza Group   Booth S8-350
212. Gambee   Booth S3-214
213. Gambit Research Booth S8 - Upper
214. Gamble Beast LLC Booth S1-122
215. GambleAware Booth CPZ5
216. Gambling Commission   Booth CPZ8
217. Gambling Compliance   Booth S7-326
218. Gambling Insider Booth ND9-A and ND9-B
219. Gambling Therapy   Booth CPZ6
220. GamCare   Booth CPZ5
221. Game Time International Booth ND3-B
222. GameArt
223. Games Magazine Booth SD3-C
224. Games Magazine Brazil Booth SD6-C
225. GameScorekeeper Booth S9-332
226. GAMESERVICE S.C.   Booth N2-110
227. Gamesman Ltd   Booth N3-426
228. Gamevision Booth S7-270
229. Gamevy Ltd   Booth N7-215
230. Gaming in Holland   Booth ND8-C
231. Gaming Intelligence / GIQ   Booth SD3-A and SD3-B
232. Gaming Intelligence Services Limited
233. Gaming Laboratories International   Booth N3-210
234. Gaming One Limited
235. Gaming Partners International Booth S7-230
236. Gaming Standard Association   Booth ND7-A
237. Gaming Support B.V.   Booth N2-210
238. Gamingmatic Kft   Booth N1-350
239. Gamingtec   Booth N8-110
240. GAMSHY Booth S9-133
241. Ganapati Plc   Booth N7-440
242. Ganlot, Inc.   Booth N1-250
243. Gary Platt Manufacturing LLC   Booth S5-200
244. Gasser Chair Company, Inc   Booth S8-250
245. GB Media - iGaming Times   Booth SD4-C and SD4-D
246. GB Media - International Casino Review   Booth SD4-A and SD4-B
247. GBG PLC Booth N8-233
248. GBI Racing   Booth S3-400
249. Genesis Gaming Solutions Inc   Booth S9-141
250. Genii Limited   Booth N1-536
251.   Booth S8-360
252. Giesecke & Devrient GmbH   Booth S6-105
253. GiG (Gaming Innovation group)   Booth N7-418
254. Gioco News   Booth SD7-A
255. GiTech Gaming   Booth S8-257
256. Glück Games   Booth N7-215
257. Global Bet Virtual Sports   Booth S2-222
258. Global Gaming Business Magazine   Booth SD2-A
259. Global Tote   Booth S7-210
260. Glory Global Solutions   Booth N9-520
261. Golden Race   Booth S2-322
262. GPWA / APCW   Booth ND3-D
263. Graphic Controls Acquisition Corp   Booth N9-201
265. GRG Banking Equipment
266. Grupo R Franco Booth S6-210
267. GTI GAMING SRL   Booth S8-120
268. GTT Co., Ltd.   Booth N1-319
269. GWIN GAME   Booth N7-355
270. Habanero Systems BV   Booth N3-243
271. HC Terminals
272. HD Integrated Systems   Booth S8-344
273. Heber   Booth N1-344
274. Hello-Markets Booth N9-125
275. HESTEGO a.s. Booth S7-352
276. High 5 Games   Booth NG19
277. Ho Gaming   Booth N7-433
278. ICE Totally Gaming  
279. IDEMIA Booth N1-112
280. Iforium Ltd
281. iGaming Academy   Booth N7-332
282. iGaming Business   Booth ND7-C and ND7-D
283. iGaming Platform   Booth S9-210
284. IGT UK Gaming Ltd   Booth N3-160
285. IHL Tech Ltd Booth CPZ3
286. imageHOLDERS Ltd Booth S9-140
287. IMG Media Booth S2-364, SG7, and SG8
288. IMGL   Booth SD2-B
289. InBet   Booth N1-410
290. Income Access   Booth N1-300
291. Industrias Lorenzo S.A   Booth N1-342
292. Infiniteviews Booth S7-360
293. Infinity Gaming Solutions Limited   Booth N9-400
294. Initial Rewards Booth N2-220
295. INKO LTD EOOD Booth S9-240
296. Innovative Technology Ltd   Booth N1-430
297. Innprojekt Software Solutions GmbH Booth S1-232
298. INPAY   Booth N9-417
299. Inside Asian Gaming (IAG) Booth ND9-D
300. Inspired Gaming Group Booth S2-310
301. Interblock d.d.   Booth S4-210
302. Intergaming   Booth SD8-A,ND1-A, and ND1-B
303. iNTERGAMINGi   Booth SD1-A and SD1-B
304. International Currency Technologies Corp   Booth N8-222
305. Interplay Booth SD6-D
306. INTRALOT S.A.   Booth N4-360
307. Intrapay Booth N9-260
308. iovation   Booth N9-538
309. IQ Soft   Booth S8-320
310. Iron Dog Studio   Booth N4-245
311. ISA Guide Booth SD7-B
312. Isle of Man   Booth N6-220
313. iSoftBet   Booth N5-240
314. iSolutions s.r.l.   Booth S2-360
315. iTech Labs   Booth N3-302
316. Jackpot Digital Inc.   Booth S8-359
317. Jackpot Translation Booth S2-100
318. Jamma   Booth ND3-A
319. JCM Europe GmbH   Booth N3-220
321. Jersey eGaming Booth N8-249
322. Jeton Venture   Booth N9-330
323. Join Games Malta Limited   Booth N4-320
324. Journal Des Casino   Booth SD7-C
325. Jumio Booth N7-322
326. Kahnawake Gaming Commission   Booth N6-302
327. Kajot   Booth S3-248
328. Kalixa Payments Group   Booth N9-420
329. Kambi Services Ltd   Booth S2-110
330. Kate Control Systems Booth S9-145 and S9-245
331. Kirolsoft   Booth N1-130
332. Kiron Interactive (Pty) Ltd Booth S1-132
333. Konami Gaming Inc   Booth S6-110
334. Kortek Corporation   Booth N3-330
335. Kount   Booth S8-211
337. Leaderbet Booth S8-240
338. LIVE SLOTS Booth N9-155
339. LiW - Lotto instant Win a product of Pin Projekt   Booth S2-241
340. Booth N9-206
341. LottoHero Booth N9-565
342. Lottoland Ltd Booth N7-215
343. LSports   Booth S2-300
344. M TREE Co., Ltd   Booth N5-302
345. Macau Gaming Show Booth SD9-D
346. Magnet Gaming Aps   Booth N6-210
347. Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority   Booth N7-420
348. Manx FX Limited Booth N6-220
349. Martin Williams Casino Equipment   Booth S7-130
350. Matsui Europe Limited Booth S8-130
351. Melita Data Centre Booth N7-432
352. Meridian Gaming Ltd   Booth S1-230
353. Merkur   Booth N4-210, N4-220, and N4-250
354. Met Police Booth S9-320
355. Metric Gaming   Booth S2-247
356. Metronia S.A. Booth N1-420
357. Microgaming Bar   Booth N5-120 and N5-220
358. MiFinity   Booth N5-300
359. MOHIO GmbH Booth S1-332
360. Moneta International UAB Booth N9-542
361. MoneyMatrix Ltd   Booth N9-541
362. Moniko Booth N2-300
363. Mozzart d.o.o. / Fazi Booth S2-220
364. MRG Systems Limited Booth S1-226
365. MuchBetter Booth N9-440
366. Multiloteri   Booth S8-230
367. N2-LIVE live Dealer Solution Booth N2-100 and N2-102
368. Nanoptix   Booth S5-202
369. NCF   Booth N1-142
370. Neo Surf Cards SAS Booth N6-300 and N6 Upper Orgs Room
371. Neogames   Booth N7-435
372. NERA Booth S9-246
373. NetEnt Product Services Ltd Booth N3-242 and NG5
374. Netrefer   Booth N3-410
375. Network Resource Management (NRM Ltd) Booth BP2
376. NeuralSolution Booth CPZ1
377. Nexusguard   Booth N1-215
378. NMi Gaming   Booth N4-122
379. Nolimit City Ltd Booth N3-400
380. NOVOMATIC Group of Companies   Booth S5-110, S5-130, S5-140, and S5-150
381. NSoft doo   Booth S1-140
382. NYX Gaming Group Booth N3-130
383. Odds and More Ltd Booth S1-335
384. OffsideGaming Booth S1-250
385. Ole Media Limited Booth S9-340
386. Omega Systems Booth N8-110
387. Onetouch Technology Limited   Booth S9-112
388. Onfido   Booth N3-122
389. Online Gambling Lawyer Booth ND8-D
390. Booth N9-122
391. Optima Information Services, SLU Booth N2-310
392. Optimove Booth N4-300, N4-302, and N4-304
393. Oracle Booth S9-150
394. OrangePay Booth N9-355
395. Oryx d.o.o Booth N1-343
396. OtherLevels Booth N9-209
397. Ozan Booth N9-160
398. Paddypower Plc Booth S1-124
399. Pari Mutuel Urbain Booth S1-340
400. Pariplay   Booth NG18
401. Patir Design GmbH   Booth S4-140
402. Paymentwall Booth N9-415
403. Paysafe   Booth N9-140
404. Payzoff Booth N9-512
405. Pegma Group Booth S3-300
406. Pentasia Ltd   Booth N7-333
407. PERFORM Media Services Booth S1-240
408. PIMS-SCA   Booth N6-236
409. Play’n GO   Booth N3-460
410. Players Publisher / Gambling Insider Booth ND1-C and ND1-D
411. PLAYLOGIQ Booth S8-210
412. Playson   Booth N6-110
413. Playtech BGT Sports Booth S2-350
414. Playtech Software Ltd   Booth N6-140
415. Pocket Games Soft   Booth N7-436
416. Portomaso Gaming Booth N7-330
417. Pragmatic Play   Booth N8-120
418. Press Association Booth S1-222
419. Press Giochi Booth SD5-C
420. Prestige Seating Technology (UK) Ltd   Booth S7-140
421. Printing Manufacture Booth N3-300
422. Probability Gaming   Booth N7-100
423. Booth N9-310
424. Promag Booth S6-200
425. PROMATIC Booth S7-250
427. PS Terminal Booth S8-200
428. PSM SRL Booth N1-234
429. psmtec GmbH Booth S9-135
430. Push Gaming   Booth N1-200
431. QIWI Booth N9-331
432. Quanta Technology Limited Booth N9-556
433. Quickspin   Booth N2-312
434. Quinel M. Ltd Italian Branch Booth N5-200
435. Quixant UK Ltd.   Booth N1-520
436. Racing Post Booth S2-230
437. REAC Booth N3-422
438. RealTime Gaming
439. Recreativos Bitronic
440. Red Tiger Gaming Limited
441. ReDIM Information Systems Pvt.Ltd
442. Reflex Gaming
443. Regal Crown Technology Limited
445. Rielda Locks
446. RISQ
447. Riverslot
448. RNG Foundry Limited Booth N3-120
450. RTSmunity
451. SafeCharge
452. SafeNetPay
454. SAGSE
455. SB Betting Software   Booth S1-220
456. SBC Global Booth SD2-C and SD2-D
457. SBTech   Booth S3-110
458. Scientific Games Booth N1-560
459. Scout Gaming Group AB
460. Scout Gaming Group AB   Booth S8-315
461. SD System Co. LTD Booth N8-122
462. SEON Technologies Booth N9-540
463. SET-Production   Booth S7-134
464. SGS Universal   Booth N1-110
465. Shipley Brothers Booth BP4
466. Signs 4U B.V.   Booth N3-422
467. SIQ Ljubljana Booth N2-112
468. SIRPLAY   Booth S3-130
469. Siru Mobile Booth N6-232
470. Siskowin Ltd Booth S1-255
471. SkillOnNet Ltd   Booth N6-222
472. Skilrock Technologies Pvt. Ltd.   Booth N1-510
473. Smartplay International Booth S8-336
474. Smartsearch   Booth S2-102
475. SMP eGaming Booth N6-220
476. Society for the Study of Gambling Booth S9-314
477. Softion Booth S1-252
478. SoftSwiss   Booth S1-204
479. Solid Payments   Booth N8-255
480. Spintec d.o.o   Booth S7-240
481. Sporting Solutions   Booth S2-210
482. SportingTech   Booth S9-120
483. SportLevel Booth S9-130
484. Sports Information Services   Booth S2-180
485. STATSCORE Booth S2-242
486. Storm Games Booth N1-349
487. StylGame Srl Booth S3-320
488. Sure Booth N6-220
489. Suzo Happ Booth N4-110
490. SYMOTOR SEIKO   Booth S7-400
491. Synergy Blue Booth S2-366
492. SYNOT W, a.s. Booth S3-230
493. Tableswin Booth S9-220
494. Taiwan Hot Games Booth ND8-A
495. Tangiamo AB Booth S7-340
496. TCSJOHNHUXLEY   Booth S6-250
497. Techracers Booth N1-212
498. Tekvisions Inc Booth S3-206
499. Telos Entertainment Booth S7-202
500. TESA - ASSA ABLOY Booth S4-100
501. Text Local Booth SD5-D and N9-550
502. TGG Interactive Booth N1-424
503. The Bright Group Pty Limited   Booth N1-136
504. The Quality Group Booth S8-346
505. Thunderkick   Booth S8-310
506. TipBet Booth S2-324
507. Tipwin Limited Booth S3-120
508. Tola Mobile Booth N8-221
509. Tom Horn Gaming   Booth N7-410
510. Toro Edizioni Booth ND7-B
511. TOVIS (Total visual & Interface Solution)   Booth N1-435
512. TraderSoft Booth N6-233
513. Transact Pro Booth N8-256
514. TransAct Technologies   Booth N2-302
515. Tripleone Tech Inc. Booth N1-534
516. True Odds Booth S9-145 and S9-245
517. TrueFlip Booth S7-325
518. Trulioo Booth S8-248
519. Trustly Booth N9-250
520. TrustPay a.s.   Booth N9-130
521. TWCT   Booth N1-120
522. TXODDS (UK) Limited   Booth S8-242
523. UltraPlay   Booth S1-110
524. Uniforms by John Marks Booth S8-220
525. Unity Technologies S.F Booth N1-340
526. Unity2Canvas (Relex Studios) Booth N9-554
527. UNLV International Gaming Institute   Booth SD8-C
528. UPayCard Booth N9-350
529. V.N.E. S.r.l.   Booth N4-330
530. Vector Cabinet Kft.   Booth N1-202
531. Vermantia   Booth S4-120
532. Viadex   Booth N8-340
533. Vivo Gaming Booth N7-120
534. Vizexplorer   Booth N8-345
535. Vsoft Booth N7-348
536. Wazdan   Booth S8-202
537. We are Casino   Booth S8-221
538. Wexel Gaming Booth BP1
539. Whitehat Gaming Booth N7-340
540. WIN SYSTEMS / Gold Club Booth S6-150
541. Wiraya Solutions Booth N7-220
542. Wirecard Technologies GmbH Booth N9-120
543. Witek System Inc   Booth N1-134
544. WorldMatch   Booth N4-240
545. WorldPay (UK) Ltd Booth N6-105
546. XCaliber Booth N1-421
547. YGAM Booth CPZ4
548. Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd   Booth N3-140
549. Yogonet   Booth ND2-A
550. Yoti   Booth N9-200
551. Zariba Booth N1-141
552. Zeus Play   Booth N7-417
553. Zimpler AB Booth N9-345
554. Zitro. S.A.R.L   Booth N1-450
555. Zuum d.o.o. Booth S7-160
556. Zytronic   Booth S9-359

ICE Totally Gaming 2018 News
ICE London confirms record-breaking attendance
10 Apr 2018
Following an independent audit, the number of visitors at the 2018 edition of the conference has been confirmed at 33,536, an 11% increase on the 2017 number. read more »

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ICE Totally Gaming 2018 Videos
Video thumbnail
ICE Totally Gaming 2018 day 1 recap
6 Feb 2018

Attendees from all over the world turned up for the first day of 'Paradice' in London.

Video thumbnail
ICE Totally Gaming 2018 day 2 recap
7 Feb 2018

Day two of "Paradice" continues in London with innovations from big names in the industry.

Video thumbnail
Kindred Group speaks with ICE TV
8 Feb 2018

ICE TV's Johnny Coburn grabs a minute with Chief Program Officer Britt Boeskov.

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