International i-Game Industry Conference & Exhibition - IGE Expo 2013

Event Type:Tradeshow
When:31 January 2013 - 2 February 2013
Where:Estonian Fair Center
Tallinn, Estonia
Audience:Online Gaming
Event Organizer:

IGE EXPO 2013 is an event that unites European game industry professionals in Estonia. Join the IGE EXPO 2013 and together we will build a strong bridge for the long-term collaboration among Northern, Western and Eastern Europe!

The conference at IGE EXPO 2013 is the place to learn more about an industry that entertains more than 300 million people monthly. Come and listen all about Social, iPhone, Android, Flash, Browser and Download Games. If you want to be successful in the gaming industry, attend the 2-day Conference and learn from the best practices of successful companies in the Region.

You can expect the following events in the leisure and entertainment area of IGE EXPO 2013:

  • Poker tournament for professionals and amateurs of this exciting game
  • Show programs performed by each participant tthat will explicitly present you the best way of learning a mechanism of any object displayed at the exhibition
The IGE EXPO 2013 event will feature the following sections:
  • Online-, PC-, console- and mobile games
  • Online-gambling, slot machines
  • Game development
  • Game production
  • Gaming and entertainment PC's, laptops, tablets
  • Gaming consoles and accessories
  • 2D-3D graphics and design
  • Gaming accessories and gadgets
  • Mobile content
  • Virtual reality technologies
  • Game engines
  • Game development outsourcing