Online Casino Summit Italia 2023

Event Type:Conference
When:4-5 May 2023
Where:Rome, Italy
Audience:Online Gaming
Event Organizer:Eventus International

The Online Casino Summit Italia provides talks and panel discussions for c-level audiences seeking up-to-date news on the online gaming industry, as well as providing opportunities to build your network.

Gain more insight into the current political climate of online gaming in Italy, such as what it means now that there are iGaming licence extensions. Discover whether there is room for gaming in the metaverse and if cryptocurrency payment is really the future of online gaming. Industry leaders will discuss how to take charge of SEO in Google’s dynamic

re-optimisation of the SERPs as well as answer how to optimise casino content for Google Discover and Google News. In the end, you will leave with just a little more understanding about why the booming online gaming world and how you can be a part of it.

Beyond expanding your knowledge about online casinos, the Online Casino Summit Italia allows those looking to enter this region or expand their market share the opportunity to position their brand via a selection of sponsorship and exhibition packages. Networking breaks are available between key speeches to assist you in building your contact list.

Bringing together more than 50 key speakers from leading authorities, operators, investors, and advisers from the gaming ecosystem near and far, the summit promised to be a not to be missed event catered to those with a vested interest in the Italian market. The summit offers to provide engaging discussions, insightful agenda and valuable networking opportunities to the audience.