PGRI Smart-Tech 2023

Event Type:Conference
When:28-30 March 2023
Where:Miami, Florida
Event Organizer:Public Gaming Research Institute

Over the last 2-1/2 years, Team Lottery put on a master class in crisis management. The decisions made were based not on historical evidence and data because there was none to prepare us for pandemic. Visibility into the future is still far from clear, but we do have more information on how the consumer market-place will behave in the years ahead. Now is a good time to clarify the “learnings” and convert them into thoughtful, deliberate, longer-range action plans. Smart-Tech 2023 will strive to understand the modern consumer, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and design innovative solutions based on this wealth of new information gleaned over the last couple years. Let’s get ready to embrace this new Golden Era of Lottery and service to good causes.