Play Social - Social Gaming China 2020

Event Type:Conference
When:16-17 November 2020
Where:Shanghai, China
Audience:Online Gaming, Affiliate
Event Organizer:Eventus International

​At Play Social – Social Gaming China, you will gain the following insight:​ ​- Investment Opportunities in the Social Gaming Sector of China - How to Enter the Chinese Gaming Market - Understanding the Government - The Need to Know Policies - What Games are Trending and Why? - Does Culture Play a Role in Creating a Product – Why and How? - How to Keep Your Customer Interested - Stay Ahead of the Game - How to Compete With Your Competitors - How to Connect With the Right Affiliates - Affiliate Marketing in the Social Gaming Sector - Responsible Gaming – What is “Healthy” Gaming? - Joining Forces With Countries Where Online Gaming is Legal - What is on the Horizon – Will Other Forms of Gaming Become Legal in China