SiGMA Balkans/ CIS 2022

SiGMA Balkans/ CIS 2022

Event Type:Conference
When:22-25 August 2022
Where:Belgrade, Serbia
Audience:Affiliate, Online Gaming
Event Organizer:SiGMA Group

With a rich history and an eye towards the future, Ukraine stands to benefit from the growth and flourishing of new industries,Ukraine is an economic powerhouse in the making.

Climbing five places in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business rating in the year 2020 alone while also ranking second in terms of speed and depth of business improvement.
New gaming regulations entering into force in 2020 have opened up the floodgates for a billion-dollar industry and the SiGMA Group wants to be center stage in ensure that the leading figures spearheading this new sector can network, brainstorm and invest in a brighter future for both the industry and the economy it inhabits.

The passing of Bill 2713-D in 2020 has opened up even more potential for the gambling industry in the region with licenses being issued throughout 2021.
In line with responsible gambing commitments, Ukrainian gambling regulator Krail launched a register of excluded players

Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing
View Summit of iGaming Malta (SiGMA) exhibitors by products and services offered

Exhibitors and Sponsors
1. 1Win Booth ST8
2. 3D EMS Booth SU11
3. 9Tales Booth SU3
4. Actable Al Booth BR52
5. Alea Booth P1
6. Alfaleads Booth BR51
7. Arti Time Booth SU7
8. ATM-DIRECT Booth BR64
9. Aviatrix Booth BR41
10. Beehold Booth SU20
11. BetConstruct  Booth S4
12. Bettendo Booth ST10
13. Betwinner  Booth P3
14. Broex Booth BR56
15. Campeon  Booth B8
16. CarsCentral Booth SU4
17. Centurion FC Booth BR60
18. Codemodity  Booth BR39
19. CoinPoker  Booth BR36
20. CoinsPaid Booth B9
21. Creative Smart Booth SU21
22. Cypix Booth B52
23. Daroland Booth SU26
24. DeHotel Booth SU17
25. Dexsport Booth S5
26. Digitain  Booth G2
27. Dimitrii Booth SU24
28. Einpayz Solutions Booth BR61
29. ELBET  Booth B1
30. Endorphina  Booth B53
31. Erceg Automobil Booth SU14
32. Europe Vizit Booth SU25
33. EvenBet Gaming  Booth B30
34. Expanse Studio Booth B10
35. Fastdok Booth SU1
36. Freshworks Partner Booth BR55
37. FYST Booth S9
38. Gagarin Partners Booth BR38
39. Gamzix  Booth B40
40. Global Bet Booth BR53 and BR54
41. IGA Group Booth B50
42. Imprexis Gaming Booth BR1
43. Interpid Stars Booth SU23
44. iWinBack Booth ST9
45. Kadam Booth BR5
46. Litlab Games Booth SU5
47. Mascot Gaming  Booth B5
48. Meme the Gathering Booth SU22
49. Monopole Booth SU16
50. Mostbet Partners Booth B7
51. New Trend Agency Booth SU12
52. NewCo Booth SU9
53. Payler Booth BR62
54. Payment Center Booth G5
55. Paypolitan Booth BR42 and BR43
56. Pin-Up Partners  Booth P4
57. Plata Crypto Booth SU6
58. Quantox Booth ST2
59. Quantum Gaming 
60. Rosywhale Booth SU13
61. Run Your Own Poker Site Booth B15
62. Seller Society Booth SU18
63. Shpigl Booth SU19
64. Silver Bell Booth BR58
65. Skilrock Booth BR58
66. Smart Vision Booth BR65 and BR66
67. Smartsoft Gaming  Booth B14 and B6
68. Softgamings  Booth S3
69. Spinthon Booth BR44
70. Spritus Booth SU10
71. Subskryb Booth SU2
72. Technamin Booth ST1 and ST4
73. Time Token Booth SU15
74. Traffic Devils Booth S8
75. Triggy Booth BR46
76. Urigrid Booth SU8
77. VBET  Booth S4
78. VOISO Booth B51
79. Wirecapital  Booth B13
80. ZENEX Booth BR2

SiGMA Balkans/ CIS 2022 News
Full house for SiGMA Balkans Day 1 in Belgrade
23 Aug 2022
Today, delegates had the opportunity to attend conferences, see the exhibition floor, and take part in networking events throughout the Balkan expo. read more »

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SiGMA Balkans/ CIS 2022 Videos
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SiGMA Balkans closing party 2022
9 Aug 2022

The official SiGMA Closing Night is happening on 24 August in Belgrade with DJ JJoy and DJ Uppeke.