SiGMA iGathering St. Julian's 2023

Event Type:Party
When:14 November 2023
Where:St. Julian's, Malta
Audience:Affiliate, Online Gaming
Event Organizer:SiGMA Group

iGMA organizes a number of satellite events during the year. With no-expense-spared these lavish events offer a plethora of premier opportunities to network. Dress for dinner at luxury restaurants, take in the sights on a sunset cruise or make the most of long, hot summer days at our pool parties. With hotspot locations such as Manila, Stockholm, Tel Aviv and New York already highlighting the year’s iGaming calendar we’ve got you covered when it comes to meeting the right people in the right place. The guest list is strictly limited to 200 prestigious c-levels, ensuring intimacy and exclusivity, with attendance only secured through invitation.
These events present the ideal opportunity to network and strike connections in a cordial environment where attendees can relax and forge synergies, and since our dinners are fully sponsored and completely free of charge for the dinner delegates, invitees only have to arrive and let us take care of the rest!

If you have been invited to attend a SiGMA iGathering, but feel unwell or are concerned that you may be contagious, please stay home. There will always be a next time when it comes to SiGMA events!