The Slot Summit - Latin America 2016

Event Type:Conference
When:5-8 September 2016
Where:Mendoza, Argentina
Audience:Land Based Gaming
Event Organizer:Clarion Events Ltd

The Slot Summit combines marketing insight and innovation, the latest gaming floor trends, real world case studies and new technologies and cutting edge game development in an intensive yet entertaining format which will ensure that you have the information you need to plan, invest and implement wisely and with maximum effectiveness.

The three-day, future focused, intensive Slot Summits focus on:

  • Marketing innovations and insights
  • Player profiling, volatility and stake and prize management
  • Floor management
  • Systems integration
  • Game selection
Which will help you to:
  • Acquire new players and keep them coming back
  • Retain your existing customers and improve player frequency
  • Maximise player yield
  • Minimise costs and maximise cost-management flexibility
Slot Summit engages expert speakers from around the world who will take you under the bonnet of machine performance, game innovation and player marketing to ensure you make the right decisions for the future of your business.