US Online Gaming Law 2012

Event Type:Conference
When:19-20 September 2012
Where:Bellagio Resort and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
Audience:Legal and Regulatory, Online Gaming
Event Organizer:C5 Communications Limited

With the DOJ opinion on 23 December 2011 appearing to clarify the legality of US Online Gaming it is no wonder that operators, manufacturers, and technology providers are winging into action with plans in place to try and tap this potentially lucrative new revenue source.

However, there remain many legal and regulatory hurdles before such strategies can become reality.

  • Who will be responsible for the regulation, State-by State?
  • Who would have jurisdiction if interstate play was permitted?
  • How will cross-border capability improve liquidity in the market?
  • Could States operate with different technical standards?
  • How will regulators avoid over-taxing?

The uncertainty which stands in the way of huge potential profits is a current challenge for lawyers, operators, regulators and gaming business leaders. The gaming industry must remain ready and continue to be proactive during what is likely to be a period of rapid legislative and regulatory changes in the next 12 months.