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AGA Adopts Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming
24 Dec 2003
As part of its ongoing efforts to address the issue of pathological gambling addiction, the American Gaming Association ("AGA") recently adopted an industry-wide approach to promoting responsible gami
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Problem Gambling: Official: Rules Need Revisiting
9 Dec 2003
Almost five years after Nevada gaming regulators enacted rules tackling problem gambling, one of the state's leading problem gambling experts is calling on the Nevada Gaming Commission and the Nevada Gaming Control Board to revisit the subject.
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Group Wants to be Player in Gaming Decisions
9 Dec 2003
The National Center for Responsible Gaming wants to establish a working relationship with the regulators and policymakers who continue to make lasting decisions about legalizing gambling and rules governing casinos.
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Diverse Experts Will Convene to Explore Gambling as a Public Health Issue
2 Dec 2003
Vegas conference to discuss cutting-edge addictions research and explore the implications of scientific research for regulation of the international gaming industry.
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National Center for Responsible Gaming Elects New Chairman
20 Dec 2002
The National Center for Responsible Gaming has elected Dennis E. Eckart as its new chairman, replacing Maj. Gen. Paul A. Harvey (Ret.).
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Researchers, Casino Execs Talk Problem Gambling
11 Dec 2002
News Brief: Questions of addiction and treatment have brought more than 300 academics, researchers, public health gurus and gambling industry officials together for a three-day conference at The Mirage hotel-casino.
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New Gambling Research Stimulates Re-examination of Addiction
4 Dec 2002
Las Vegas conference to focus on how behavioral disorders are changing traditional views of addiction.
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Experts Struggle to Define Problem Gambling
4 Dec 2001
At a conference examining problem gambling, scientists, clinical professionals, gaming industry executives and regulators discuss what, exactly, problem gambling really is, how to diagnose it more effectively, and how to structure its treatment.
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Cormorbidity in Pathological Gambling Conference
13 Nov 2000
A large percentage of compulsive gamblers have comorbid conditions, meaning that they suffer from one or more pathological conditions, such as depression or alcoholism, in addition to their gambling a
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Gambling Industry Gathers in Vegas for Conference on Growing Pastime
14 Jun 2000
News Brief – Mainstream society no longer sees gambling as a vice.
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