Win Systems debuts range of products at ICE 2018

12 February 2018

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Win Systems, a leading technology supplier for the gaming and entertainment industry, has seen a triumphant ICE Totally Gaming 2018, securing various new business opportunities.

An impressive number delegates visited the supplier's stand across the three days with feedback for its wide-ranging casino product range and various business leads were both developed and confirmed.

Stand S6-150 saw debuts for Gold Club's Chinese roulette and six-position Ventura roulette, various new slot titles, an AWP specifically designed for the Spanish market, GameStarArcadia, and the latest complement to its WIGOS casino management system, the Winstats app.

Remarks on Win Systems' expansive offering revolved around how the Gold Club roulette range and GameStar gaming machines can seamlessly fit into the requirements of any casino type and location. Visitors were also very interested in understanding the delivery of real-time data from the WIGOS casino management system to casino managers via the mobile Winstats tool.

The second day culminated with a team of professionally trained flair bartenders delivering delicious cocktails as a backdrop to a Brazilian party with accompanying dancers and a drum trio. Many attendees commented on how impactful the performance and enjoyable the event was.

Eric Benchimol, CEO of Win Systems, said, "Our new products have received feedback beyond expectations, particularly our innovative Gold Club Chinese roulette and compact six-position roulette, AWP for the Spanish market Arcadia, and mobile app Winstats.

"On the back of this, new business opportunities have presented themselves to us while we've also gone a long way to confirming deals already in motion, and we hope to announce some of these soon.

"We're proud to have generated various business leads in both our gaming and systems divisions from the show, with many operators seeing the global appeal of our range. These leads, and our wider demonstration at the show, confirmed that we are on the right track to success.

"I'd like to thank and congratulate everyone in the amazing Win Systems family for their outstanding work, not only the ones attending the trade show, but also the numerous professionals behind the scenes (whose number continues to grow) working hard day after day."

Win Systems will continue to exhibit its wide-ranging casino solutions at various trade shows around the world later this year.

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