Casino Affiliate Convention (CAC) Amsterdam 2007 News

CAC 2007 sponsors host event
16 May 2007
Special Platinum Sponsors of CAC 2007, World 3D Poker, and co-sponsors Zipang Casino and 777 Baby held the biggest party of this year’s conference at the Odeon on Thursday May 3rd.
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Rebecca's Recommendations - May 11, 2007
11 May 2007
Here we go again. Back from another online gaming event full of meetings, dinners, lunches, parties, late nights, and NO SLEEP. None. Ok, fine. Maybe five hours total. Anyway, I’m going to try something new today. I have put together two different stories about my experiences in Amsterdam- one for online gaming affiliates and affiliate programs, and another for Casino City players. If you are an affiliate or affiliate program, you can find the Amsterdam Gossip in the GPWA Times.
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Highlights from CAC Amsterdam 2007
8 May 2007
I have attended quite a few online gaming conferences in my two years and two months in the online gaming industry and I have never experienced anything like this past week in Amsterdam. Each night I was out until 4 or 5am and had to get up again at 8am for a day full of 30 minute meetings and meals. Every. Single. Day.
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Rebecca's Recommendations - April 26, 2007
26 Apr 2007
Surprise! What do you think of the new Online Casino City Times newsletter? Do you like? It is a pretty hectic time over here between the launch of our new and improved newsletter, the launch of our GPWA Times magazine, and preparation for the big Casino Affiliate Convention in Amsterdam next week. Yes, Amsterdam. How many places are there in this world where it is completely acceptable to smoke the weed in front of your CEO and all your clients? Not many, my friends.
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Record numbers expected at fifth annual CAC conference
25 Apr 2007
NEW YORK -- (PRESS RELEASE) - Ticonderoga Ventures, Inc. announces that the upcoming Casino Affiliate Convention and Gaming Marketing Conference, taking place May 3-5, 2007 in Amsterdam at the NH Gran
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World 3D Poker hosts CAC 2007 party
23 Apr 2007
CAC 2007, Platinum Sponsor World 3D Poker, with co-sponsors Zipang Casino and 777 Baby have today announced their Party Plans for the upcoming Spring Convention in Amsterdam.
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Casino domains auction at CAC 2007
11 Apr 2007
Moniker will be hosting the first online silent auction of premium gaming and casino industry domain names during the Casino Affiliate Convention 2007, in Amsterdam.
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