OFXG Affiliate & Payments International Summit 2015

Event Type:Conference
When:29 November 2015
Where:Leonardo City Tower Hotel
Tel Aviv, Israel
Audience:Affiliate, Finance
Event Organizer:

The OFXG AFFILIATE & PAYMENTS INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT is the only summit that brings together year after year, online financial trading, affiliates and gaming executives from across the globe directly to the core of the industry, the place where business meets pleasure – TEL AVIV.

This summit puts in the spotlight the three foundations of the industry: B2B, operators: binary, gaming & fx brokers, and affiliates; together with the service providers working for them. Many affiliates are now seeking to open their own operations and there is plenty of content for this purpose as well.

Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing

Exhibitors and Sponsors
1. Bezeq International (Sponsor)
2. Clarion Events  (Sponsor)
3. Copperberg (Sponsor)
4. Counting House (Sponsor)
5. Dickinson Wright  (Sponsor)
6. Fibonatix (Sponsor)
7. IMGL (Sponsor)
8. Leverate  (Sponsor)
9. LottoNetix  (Sponsor)
10. Malta Gaming Authority  (Sponsor)
11. Melchers Gaming Law  (Sponsor)
12. MoneyNetint  (Sponsor)
13. MTE Media (Sponsor)
14. Panda Trading Systems (Sponsor)
15. Payments Optimization (Sponsor)
16. Planzer Law (Sponsor)
17. Service Wise Business Applications (Sponsor)
18. SiGMA (Sponsor)
19. SmartBet (Sponsor)
20. Stat-Market (Sponsor)
21. Tal Ron Drihem & Co. Law Firm (Sponsor)
22. Traders Education (Sponsor)
23. VISA (Sponsor)
24. Voice Spin (Sponsor)
25. WebPals (Sponsor)
26. Zigit Mobile & Web Solutions (Sponsor)